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2014 Dry Creek Valley Zinfandel 1.5 L

Deep ruby red color with well made oak surrounds a summer boysenberry jubilee reminiscent of the first good berries of the season. This velvety Zin energizes your taste buds and takes you to your inner wine sanctuary. The dusty, young tannins give it the strength for you to anoint the Nalle 2014 DCV flagship your weekend wine. Egg white fined and aged for eleven months in 28% new french oak. 50% Henderlong Nalle Estate/50% Bernier-Sibary Zinyard. Prime time drinking is 2018-2021.

The details.

Bottled August 2015

30 1.5 L bottles

Alcohol 13.6%

pH 3.52

T.A. 6.5 g/L

2014 Dry Creek Valley Zinfandel 1.5 L

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