Reds on Ice? It's Not Heresy - NY Times, July 2, 2008

Excerpted from Eric Asimov's article
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Reds on Ice? It's Not Heresy by Eric Asimov,
July 2, 2008

...But you say you want a real wine (as if lambrusco weren't real enough)? You say you want an American wine because it is, after all, practically the Fourth of July?

I wouldn't argue with you, not one bit. I'd reach for the zinfandel.

Yes, indeed, though you must be careful about which kind of zinfandel, and which red wines in general, you chill in the fridge. Big, heavy red wines like most zinfandels are not suited to the cold. They close up so all you can taste is oak and alcoholic heat. Oak and alcohol do not work in the cold, so avoid them.

But if you choose a more graceful type of zinfandel, like something from Dashe, Nalle, Sky or Quivira, then, my friends, you've got a wine that takes to a chill.