Nalle "Leading the Charge" in 2003 supplement to Decanter magazine - Decanter magazine, 2003

Original Zin
In an article touting unique Zinfandel wineries in California, Jeff Cox names Doug Nalle as a trendsetter.

"Leading the Charge ...and Doug Nalle, also in Dry Creek, has become known for his pure, elegant Zins matured in expensive French oak. These winemakers, among others, have led the current trend toward Zinfandels with breeding and balance rather than sheer muscle.

"But for all their diversity, one thing shared by the majority of Zinfanel wines and winemakers is their recent vintages. 1999 was a stand-out, 2000 was okay, 2001 was very good, and 2002 is truly exceptional. While winemakers always say that about their current vintage, this time - from what I've tasted from barrel - they could just be right.

"Nalle, Dry Creek Valley 2001 - 4 stars. Elegant in a claret style with Dry Creek brambleberries and cherries." 

- from "California 2003", a supplement to Decanter magazine.