You say “potato,” I say “poh-tah-toe.”

In the world of wine, caves are cool, figuratively and literally. When we were planning a winery building back in the '80s, we wanted caves. But due to site limitations, a grade level building was the only feasible choice. No problem. Construct a half cylinder, some retaining walls and cover it with three to six feet of dirt. Add rosemary for ground cover and serve.

Our non-conventional "potato bunker" is a peaceful place to age wine with zero heating or cooling requirements. Plus, the bees love the 300 rosemary plants in bloom.

We are open every Saturday, rain or shine, from 12-4:30 pm.  You are welcome to call (707) 433-1040 all other days for an appointment. We encourage you to visit us and enjoy our wines and amicable environment which includes a picnic spot, horseshoe pit and petanque court